SEALAB Excerpt

Click this link to read Chapter 1: A Deep Escape. In this first chapter, you’ll meet Dr. George Bond, a great American character who became the father of the U.S. Navy’s Sealab program. The story opens with Bond’s dramatic attempt to prove a point about submarine escape and the human body’s ability to function underwater. (To read the endnotes for this chapter, click here.)

Check out the trailer for the 2019 PBS documentary based on my book here.

The chapters that follow this first one are:
Chapter 2: Diving
Chapter 3: Genesis
Chapter 4: Friendly Rivals
Chapter 5: Depth and Duration
Chapter 6: Experimental Divers
Chapter 7: Deep Loss, Deeper Thinking
Chapter 8: Triangle Trials
Chapter 9: “Breathe!”
Chapter 10: The Tiltin’ Hilton
Chapter 11: Lessons in Survival
Chapter 12: The Third Team
Chapter 13: The Damn Hatch
Chapter 14: An Investigation
Chapter 15: The Oil Patch
Chapter 16: The Rivals Press On
Chapter 17: The Projects
Chapter 18: Answers and Questions